Systemic inflammatory and infectious disease

Morphologic and metabolic imaging offers crucial diagnostic information for evaluating a broad spectrum of systemic inflammatory and infectious diseases. Functional imaging can provide essential information for accurate detection and response evaluation to therapy.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases:
    • Crohn's disease
    • Ulcerative colitis
  • Other inflammatory diseases:
    • Pulmonary and systemic sarcoidosis
    • Systemic vasculitides involving large and middle caliber vessels
  • Systemic infectious diseases:
    • COVID-19 viral infection with the associated lung and extra pulmonary manifestations
    • Other viral and bacterial acute and chronic systemic infections

Imaging modalities:

  • PET/CT using 18F-FDG
  • CT
  • X-ray

Interpretation criteria:

  • Quantitative
    • Chest CT Severity Score for assessing severe COVID-19 lung infection
    • SUVmax
  • Qualitative
    • Detection and severity of COVID-19 lung disease
    • Detection and severity of COVID-19 extent and severity of extra pulmonary manifestations of COVID-19 infection
    • Assessment of presence, metabolic activity and extent of disease.
    • Metabolic evaluation of response to therapy
    • Detection of clinically and/or laboratory silent systemic inflammatory diseases
Systemic inflammatory and infectious disease


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