Chemotherapy has been the backbone of oncologic therapy for many decades and has played an undeniable role in the development of various robust imaging interpretation criteria. The imaging team at DICE has extensive experience evaluating disease response across various imaging modalities and chemotherapy regimens.

We will fully support you in selecting trial-appropriate imaging modalities, establish a comprehensive site selection process, develop imaging procedures standardization and a thorough scanner selection process.

Due to the technical challenges of sophisticated imaging modalities, we also work closely with a medical physicist to ensure only well calibrated and regularly maintained scanners are allowed to participate in trials. Furthermore, a medical physicist's input can become critical in establishing specific imaging acquisition parameters to ensure a standardized, comprehensive and consistent scan acquisition process across participating sites.

Our expert team will seamlessly work across multiple interpretation criteria combining the well-established RECIST-based guidelines with the novel evaluation criteria.

We work in close collaboration with our skilled Statistics team should you request the development and validation of new or modified, trial-specific interpretation criteria or disease biomarkers.



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